It's a little after 8pm, I am cooling down after my 2nd body weight workout. Today is Thursday and my first workout to whip myself back into shape was on Monday. My abs were still very sore today!! This workout is focused around the basics. I perform four core exercises to physical fitness and health: 

1. Pull-Ups - 50 reps

2. Squats - 200 reps

3. Ab Rollouts - 50 reps

4. Push-Ups - 200 reps

I do 5 sets, or cycles. So, one cycle is 10x40x10x40 (reps of each exercise). When I was in the best shape of my life, a few years ago, I was doing a similar workout every, single day. Instead of squats, I was doing single leg squats, aka pistol squats. And, instead of ab rollouts, I was using a 35lb plate and doing jackknifes. BUT, I was doing much less volume. I was finishing that old workout in about 20 minutes. Here is the result of my first, more intense, body weight ONLY workout: 

1st Workout Time
Post 1st Workout

This was a brutal. I did it right after work on Monday, and I shouldn't have. I was already tired, and I was going off fumes from lunch. But, I battled through it. 

Afterwards, I was very light-headed. I sat on the floor for several minutes. My appetite evaporated. I laid down on the couch and rehydrated for about 30 minutes until I felt better. My appetite came back around 2 hours later.

Today, I mowed my lawn after work and I made sure I ate dinner before my workout. I think it made a great difference! I felt much better, besides the soreness that was still in my body. I felt complete exhaustion for a couple moments immediately after the workout, but no where near the weakness on Monday.

Overall, I am feeling healthier, stronger, better conditioned and getting that ball rolling. Building momentum. The first step is always the most difficult - a very true statement. 

If you're thinking of making a change, always remember that the first time you try will never be easy. It will be hard, but don't be discouraged. Use it as motivation. Push through the adversity and understand that it will only get easier from then on. And don't forget to make adjustments! If I waited to eat dinner until after my workout again, I'm sure it would've been just as difficult as the first time, if not worse! - because you expect to improve each time, it can be even more demoralizing when you don't.

I'm going to edit a couple photos now :) P.S. The Qline in Detroit, MI opens up tomorrow - I will be posting a photo in celebration!

Stay Strong and Build Momentum