Leaving a Legacy

It's the last day of May in 2017. I am currently on my way home from a viewing in St Charles, MI at 8:50pm. Today made me come to grips with the passing of another fellow human. A great human that was lucky to cross paths with. I'm going to keep his and his family's privacy in this post, outside of one photo.

I only knew him for a few years, as he and his wife moved into the cottage up north next to my parents'. My dad was closer to him than I. They were considered 'fishin' buddies'. They hung out at campfires, got up early and went fishing, and traded stories. I'm sure there was much, much more that I didn't witness. 

Unfortunately, our neighbor was diagnosed with cancer a couple years ago. It started in one area and spread. Only given 6 more months. He took care of his wife anywhere from the cottage up north to the farm in St. Charles, or even at the boat house in Florida. Not only that, but he raised several children and about two to three times more grandchildren. 

I mentioned he had 6 months. Well, he beat that out by 2 years. Yup. He never gave up. I never heard a true negative statement from this man. 100% good vibes. In the slideshow at the funeral home, there was a smile on his face in every picture. Here is another one: 


He didn't even catch the fish, but he was still happy. He was happy to just get out there and be fishing, and for the success of others.

So, going back to the funeral home. I've never seen such a line to pay your respects. Just by that, you could tell that this man had an impact on a significant number of humans, and in a positive way. When I got there, I was just able to get in the door. When I left, the line was out the door, out the enterence, into the parking lot. Incredible. 

He was primarily a farmer. I heard to spit his farmer knowledge and couldn't really keep up. He knew what he was doing. I've never actually seen the farm he worked so hard on for so long. Until today. Actually, on the way home. We, my parents and I, took a different route on the way home from St. Charles and within 10 minutes, we found ourselves passing right by the sign that he was photographed next to with one of his sons, shown in the slideshow at the funeral home. It was a significant parcel. The silo's were prestine. The farm was impressive. And he is now passing that down to his children continue with. Now, that, in itself, is a legacy. 

But, I believe in what I've described in this passage. A legacy is not fit enough for this man. An incredible legacy. Now, that's it. That fits better. Unfortunately, it is still not appropriate for the impact that this individual has manifested throughout his lifetime on planet Earth. 

I write this in memory of a great man that I have had met and lived next to. Also, to share his incredible legacy with others and myself so we are reminded of the greatness that can be achieved and the happiness that can be expressed in our lives. Live strong. Always find a reason to smile. Never give up. Find your passion. Provide for your family. And leave a legacy.

RIP my friend.