It Can Just Take a Day

It's the 24th hour of May 5, 2017. I had a long, much improved day. I'm writing this out in bed before I fall asleep. 

Today, I received much love and support from those around me. And I want to say thank you to those who saw my post and took action to reach out to me. I'm not one to ask for help. I'm very stubborn in that way, just like my grandpa. But, the following words of encouragement and honesty that I received were priceless.

  • ' Life can be stressful, but don't let it get to you. It'll get better. Just keeping putting in the work to live the life you want'
  • 'I know shit gets tough, but it's all about how you respond to adversity, no matter what's thrown at you' 
  • 'Just focus on yourself and make sure you are staying positive. The more positive you are, the more positive you will attract' 
  •  'Greatness takes a ton of hard work, dedication, and bein' a tough ass when shit gets hard. You got it all man'
  • 'I'm sure things will turn around for you. You're one of the strongest, most independent persons I know'
  •  'We are always here for you if you need anything!'
  • 'Please know that I'll always be here for you. I'll always listen. I'll always support you' 

So, today, at work, I found out that we finally hired someone to fill in the position on my team. We will actually have a team again. The new hire will start in two weeks, which is a relief. 

Outside of work, my muscles were sore, and it felt great! I did a couple squat sets yesterday at the gym for the first time in a long time. I wasn't as strong as I once was, but it felt very fullfilling to have that sense of soreness throughout the day. That feeling of actually doing work with the body, and enough work to require the body to breakdown and repair itself. And grow stronger.

After work, I had the opportunity to go to Adventure Bay in Windsor for some Flowriding. I call it surfing. For one, it confuses people when I say 'I'm going to Canada to surf'. And two, people tend to understand the concept after I try to explain Flowriding. I had a blast with my buddies. I fell a lot. On the wave. But, here is a clip of me being me: 

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I'm a usual suspect for attempting staged (kind of) stunts.

Overall, today was much improved. My spirits are lifted. My best wishes and love go to those supporting me. I pray for you guys. And I hope your heart-felt effort is returned to you in this life, 10 fold. 

The Sun always rises...